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I have spent the past 25+ years working with children who need an alternative to traditional teaching. These are smart, capable, fun children, who just need things to be presented in a different way. I love coming up with ways for my students to access social and academic experiences. I have yet to come across a social experience or academic demand that could not be modified or adapted in some way to better include one of my awesome students.

I love seeing my students succeed!

My wish is that all teachers could access materials to support special learners. Imagine a classroom where all ability levels were respected and taught to? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine if you had just the right activity, visual support or behavior plan to help even your most struggling student succeed! Providing you with the materials to do this is my passion.


Do you have students who...

struggle to make and maintain friendships?

don’t know how or don’t seem interested in making and maintaining friendships?

struggle to learn academic material as presented to the rest of your class?

If So…You’re In The Right Place!

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